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Anytime, Anywhere Secured Access

We're the same great company, except this time we have a new look, a better interface and real-time interactive tools to better serve you 24/7/365 in a secured environment.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting gives you the business intelligence (BI) you need to make better decisions. With quick & easy access to track and report on orders, quotes, approval status, abandoned shopping carts, returns, shipment tracking and so much more.

Global ERP

If you require assistance and services beyond your local market, lets discuss your needs as we can simplify your Global ERP responsibilities.

Special Pricing

Get more value from your IT budgets with our special pricing & discounts.

Personalized Shopping

To help manage what your employees purchases, we can setup a custom catalog using your pre-defined list of products & services to ensure everyone buys from a pre-approved list of items.

AI Driven Interface

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) leading the way towards offering a better online shopping experience, we've incorporated AI into our technology to better serve your requirements and to continually push the boundaries of technology to offer you better services.

Onboarding Management

If you need an EASY way to help new employees purchase and acquire their new start up kits or you simply what your own bundles or build-to-order (BTO) solutions, let us know and we'll configure and simply the process for you.

Transaction Management

From quotes to orders to invoices, you'll find our platform easy to do business with.

File Management

If you require the means to safely & securely share documents while doing business, you can easily upload and save your files in your account.

Shipment Tracking

With every order, shipment tracking is EASY with real-time tracking and email updates.

Asset Management

With each order, we make it easy on you to assign, track and manage all your assets to any department, employee or project and much more.

Dedicated Account Representative

With a dedicated account representative, you're just a single click away from all the support you need!

Live Chat (Personalized)

With our personalized chat service, anytime you need help, simply click on the 'Live Chat' button and you will be connected with your dedicated account representative. With personalized chat, you're just a single click away from someone who knows you and your account.

Purchase Approval System (PAS)

You can easily set up and manage multiple users, offices and departments to create purchasing groups and business rules in order to give approved purchasers the right level of permissions to approve orders, place orders and modify requests.

Budget Management

In collaboration with your purchase approval system, you can apply simple or complex business rules to help manage corporate budgets more effectively.

Software License Management

When it comes to software license management & renewal, we make it EASY.

License Management

When it comes to license management, we make it EASY.

Help Desk Management

With a single click, opening service tickets, tracking, managing and resolving issues is easy.

Returns Management

Using our simple returns management system, managing, tracking and returning items is EASY.

Contract Management (Federal, State & Local Government)

To ensure you get the most from your budget, we'll assign your account to all qualifying government contracts to ensure you always get the best price for all your purchases.

Contract Management (Higher Education & K-12)

To ensure you get the most out of your budget, we'll assign your account to all qualifying educational contracts to ensure you always get the best price for all your purchases.

3PL Management (3rd Party Logistics)

If you require third party logistics (3PL) services to help you run your business better, let discuss your needs.

Branded Storefront

To run your business better, if you require a dedicated storefront to service your employees, members or association more effectively, we can setup a custom catalog, create a branded store and provided you with tools to manage your requirements better. You can even add your own products.

System Integration

We can integrate our system with your in-house financial accounting system, ERP or third-party eProcurement marketplace to help increase your efficiency & reduce paperwork.

Employee Purchase Program (EPP)

If you're looking to offer your members or employees with a value added perk, we would be happy to set you up your own employee purchase program (EPP) to suit your needs.

Reminder Notices

To make your life even easier, we can setup friendly & critical reminder notices to help you manage your business better. From extended warranty renewal reminders, to consumable replenishment, license renewals, service calls and more.

CASL & CANSPAN Compliant

To ensure you are in control of what messages you want to receive, we are both CASL & CANSPAN compliant when it comes to sending marketing messages.

Credit Cards & other payment methods accepted

When it comes to payment options. We support all traditional and the newest payment methods available, including credit cards.

PCI DSS Compliant

In keeping your data safe, our site is PCI DSS compliant. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organization like our who accepts major credit cards online.


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